Ph.D. English Literature, Emory University, 2023 (anticipated)

             Dissertation: Prosthetic Laughter: Feeling Disabled Performance in Early Modern England

             Advisor: Patrica Cahill 
M.A. English Literature, summa cum laude, Auburn University, 2017
B.A. English Language & Literature, with Distinction, University of South Carolina, 2013 


"Dis/Enabling Spaces: Crip-Ecologies of The Tempest" in Disability and the Environment in the Colonial Global Era, edited by Tatiana Prorokova (Gallaudet University Press) (Under Review)

“The Prosthetic Self: Disability and Drag in AJ and the Queen" in All in the Mind: Adaptations of Mental and Cognitive Disability in Popular Media, eds. Whitney Hardin and Julia Kiernan (Lexington Books) (Under Contract)

“The Puck Project: A Shakespeare Performance and Ethics Program for Kids,” Early Modern Culture Online, Special Issue: “Shakespeare in/and Education,” vol. 7 (Winter, 2020), Co-authored with Kelly Duquette and Mary Taylor Mann.

Grants and Fellowships

2019, Scholarly Programs Grant, Folger Shakespeare Library’s “Research and Archive Methods Seminar”
2019, Travel Grant, Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University
2019-2020, Graduate Fellow, Emory’s Center for Women 

2019, Jones Program in Ethics Grant, “The Puck Project, Year 2”
2019, Mellon PhD Intervention Grant, Graduate Training with The Feast of Crispian on Shakespeare Performance and Trauma Therapy
2018-2019, Graduate Fellow, Emory Disability Studies Initiative
2018, Jones Program in Ethics Grant, “The Puck Project: Shakespeare and Ethics Program for Children”
2017-Present, Laney Fellow, Emory University 

Academic Appointments

2020, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Classics, Emory University

2018-Present, Instructor, English and Humanities, Atlanta Technical College

2019-2020, Teaching Associate, Emory University
2018-2019, 2021 Graduate Teaching Assistant, English, Emory University
2015-2017, Teaching Assistant/Composition Instructor, English, Auburn University

2016-2017, Graduate Assistant, Interdisciplinary Studies, Auburn University

2015-2016, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Theatre, Auburn University 

Conferences and Presentations

2021, “Laughing with/at Contortionists in Early Modern England,” VariAbilities Conference, Sarasota, FL

2021, "'Has no man heart to speak?': Stutterers and the Wonders of Breath in What You Will," Shakespeare Association of American Seminar, "Shakespeare's Other Disability Plays"

2021, "Prosthetic Laughter: Feeling Disabled Performance in Early Modern England," Modern Language Association, Toronto, Canada 
2019, “The Puck Project,” Jones Program in Ethics Lecture, Emory
2018, "'The Spleen Prickles You': Blood and Laughter in The Arden of Faversham," Conference on Early Domestic Tragedy, Atlanta, GA 

2018, “Samuel Foote: A Case Study in Eighteenth-Century Amputation and Prosthesis,” American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies, Orlando, FL 2018, “Shakespeare’s Text(iles) and Other Haptic Things,” International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI 

2017, “On Graduate School Life,” Early Modern and Medieval Colloquium, Emory University
2017, “Samuel Foote and Disability Performance,” American Society of Theatre Studies, Atlanta, GA 

2016, “Dis/Enabling Spaces: Crip-Ecologies in The Tempest,” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Jacksonville, FL 

Service Appointments

2020-Present, “Interventions” Blog Editor, Emory Experimental Ethnography

2020-Present, Fourth Year Representative, Emory Graduate English Advisory Committee (GEAC)

2018-2020, Library Advisory Committee, Atlanta Technical College 

2018-2019, Adjunct Hiring Committee, Atlanta Technical College
2018-2020, “Masc. Off: Healthy Masculinities Initiative” Coordinator, Emory

2018-2019, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, Emory Graduate Sustainability Group (GSG) 

2018-2019, “Brown Bag” Professionalization Coordinator, Emory Graduate English Advisory Committee (GEAC)

2017-2018, Film Series Curator, Disability Studies Initiative, Emory

2017-2018, Scholar Showcase Liaison, Disability Studies Initiative, Emory

2017-2019, Undergraduate Research Symposium Mentor, Emory
2015-2016, Program Assistant, FILM@JCSM, Auburn University
2016, Field Coordinator, Human Rights Campaign of Auburn, Alabama 

Achievements and Awards

2020, Graduate Student Essay Prize, Emory

2017, Outstanding MA Graduate Student, Auburn University
2017, Graduate Student Essay Award, Auburn University

2016, (Nominated) Outstanding MA Graduate Student, Auburn University

Performance and Theater

2019, The Feast of Crispian Training/Practicum, Atlanta, GA

2018, Bloody Shakespeare," Emory
2016, Seeing isn’t Believing,” co-director, Workshop Theatre, Columbia, SC

2012, The Disabled Lovers,” director, Greenville Guerrilla Performance Troupe

2011, Runaway Runway, performer, Columbia Design League, SC 

2010-2011, The Bird Cage,” drag performance artist, University of South Carolina, SC

2010, Canvased Bodies,” performer, Greenville Guerrilla Performance Troupe